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About Us

The company ARCH INTERNATIONAL, L.t.d., Marina Dalmacija, Zadar, Croatia, offers motor yacht charter. We have various boats from sport dialy cruisers to large two-family motor yachts 16 m in lenght.

Our motto is something for everybody. You can rent boats per day, per week or weekend, or for several days on agreement. We provide the complete service: from reserving the vessel to technical assistance for the time of the time of charter.

Our charter base are in the marine DALMACIJA, Bibinje-Sukoπan, 6 km south of the town of ZADAR, in central Dalmatia, Republic of Croatia.
This offers our guests an exceptional starting point, whether they want to go to the NORTH or to the SOUTH of the ADRIATIC. In no more than half an hour you can get to the KORNATI National Park, while a number of other options are still available: you can visit national parks TELAŠĆICA, KRKA or PAKLENICA.
Narodni park Kornati
Narodni park Krka
Narodni park Paklenica
Narodni park Telascica
Because of you we choose charter base DALMACIJO...
Recommended routes
Kornati, Talešica, Krka, Paklenica
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We are the exclusive agent for SALPA Slovenia and Croatia.
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