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ARCHPLAST grass gratings

The purpose of ARCHPLAST plastic grass gratings:

ARCHPLAST plastic grass gratings are used for driveable and non-driveable grass surfaces. They protect blades of grass from getting damaged, because the grass becomes rooted in the inside of the plastic grating, so when vehicles drive over it or people walk on it, it cannot get damaged. This way, grass in the ARCHPLAST grass gratings stays green, and the surface stays driveable.
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Other advantages of ARCHPLAST plastic grass gratings:

  • simple to install
  • light weight
  • optimal absorption of precipitation
  • good grip of car tires on the gratings in winter time
  • in the dry period, the grass grows well, does not get dried up, because ARCHPLAST grass gratings do not absorb moisture nor do they retain large amounts of heat, just like concrete rings.

Using plastic grass gratings:

ARCHPLAST grass gratings can be used in a number of ways, e.g. for parking areas, traffic areas, paths, gardens, patios, playgrounds, sports surfaces and basically all green grass surfaces where there is a lot of traffic (people or vehicles): at the ends of playgrounds, close to curbs, to reinforce shores etc.

ARCHPLAST grass gratings bearing capacity:

Because ARCHPLAST grass gratings replace concrete rings, tiles and asphalt, they have appropriate bearing capacity, which, according to tests performed by the IRMA institute in Ljubljana, is 1700 KN/ m2 and above (report No. 0093 dated 02/16/00). They state that ARCHPLAST plastic grass gratings are suitable for their purpose.

Installing ARCHPLAST grass gratings:

Installation is quick and easy because they are so light. If there will be a lot of cars and trucks driving on it, we prepare a base of ca. 30 cm, just like for tiles and concrete rings, on it, we put ca. 2 cm of fine soil to even it out, and on top we place the ARCHPLAST grass gratings. If there will not be so much traffic, it is enough to simply even out the existing grass or sand surface, put ca. 2 cm of fine soil on top and then lay the ARCHPLAST grass gratings. There are clips on the gratings so that they can be clipped onto one another and make a whole. Then we put soil in the gratings and seed grass. The whole surface must then be rolled and already we can drive on it.

Dimensions of ARCHPLAST grass gratings:

  • Dimensions: 340 x 325 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 445 g9
  • Color: zelena
  • Use per 1 m2 = 9 pieces

Maintenance of surfaces with ARCHPLAST grass gratings:

During the time of vegetation we simply mow the surface with a lawnmower and have a nice lawn. Where there is a lot of traffic, mowing is not even necessary, since the grass is cut between the grating and the car tire. In winter time, we simply clear away the snow. Car tires have a good grip on the grating, because ice cannot collect on the upper thin surface of the grating.

Price of ARCHPLAST grass grating:

The price of ARCHPLAST grass gratings is 13,50 EUR/m2 + VAT. For ordered quantities in excess of 50 m2, a discount is possible and they can be delivered to a construction site anywhere in Slovenia.
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