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Caps for long lasting candles

Nowadays more and more people are using long lasting candles for graves with a refill system. These candles are economical because of the double wall of the light and are appropriate for use in cold and windy weather, because the shape of the caps that we produce enables them to burn. Through the lower openings, the necessary air for burning comes in and smoke exits through the openings above.

The caps are made from special plastic with increased heat resistance and made to not ignite or self-extinguish.

They are produced in the following dimensions:
  • Ø 78 x 78 mm
  • Ø 83 x 82 mm

Use long lasting candles with our caps, they have many advantages:
  • the candle will burn in any weather
  • the candle will burn up to the end
  • all you do is refill
  • you save money and pollute the environment less
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